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Experience the superiority of consistency and the knowledge that your beef was raised right!

Not quite ready to fill your entire freezer with delicious beef? We have your answer -- ML Brand Beef Bundles.

Beef bundles are a great way to try a variety of cuts at a fraction of the cost of a whole custom beef. Our beef bundles are made from beef animals hand selected by our expert cowboys for their outstanding quality. You can be sure all the cuts in your bundle are from the same animal, meaning you can expect quality and consistency every time. Beef bundles also make the perfect gift for the carnivores and foodies in your life. 

ML Brand Beef Bundles consist of: 
4, 1-in. thick steaks (NY strip/sirloin and/or Filet Mignon)
2, 3-4-lb. boneless roasts
2, 1-lb. packages of stew meat
9, 1-lb. packages of 85% lean ground beef
You get all 17 high-quality beef items for just $165 plus tax. 
*1-in. thick ribeye steaks are available for purchase upon request for $16 each.  
All of our ML Brand Beef products grade high-Choice or Prime. That means you're getting access to the same quality of beef that only the high-end restaurants can purchase, but you're paying wholesale prices. 

Enjoy your beef!


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